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Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare mythical creatures guide


Location: Tall Trees Area, West Elizabeth region

This smog emitting horse that is “nearly impossible to kill”, can be found at the far north area of Tall Trees and to the northeast of Cochinay. Once you break the foul beast and make it yours, you will have it at your disposal until you either kill it - like I did 30 seconds after getting it, because it fell off a cliff - or until you grab yourself another horse.


Location: Gaptooth Ridge, New Austin region

The fiery horse known as War can be found in and around Gap Tooth Ridge. Easier to tame than Pestilence, War can set enemies on fire and amazingly enough not you - since, you know, he’s between your legs. Again, when you hit Gap Tooth Ridge, wander about until the blue circle pops up letting you know that there is a Mythological Creature around.


Location: Just south of Chuparosa, East of Tesoro Azul, Nuevo Paraiso Region
Time: Midnight

Famine can be found at a few places in Mexico, but all are within the triangle of Chuparosa/Ojoda Diablo/Barranca. Head there around midnight and the black and white horse with locusts flying around it will be roaming the area. Famine, like the other horses, has unlimited stamina and while the locusts that surround its body are an interesting effect, constantly hearing the buzzing while riding can get aggravating.


NOTE: Only appears after Rank 3 of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse Challenge has been completed

Location: Random, awarded to the player after completing the game

Death pops up every once in a while as you are traversing the map. Death is a white horse that has a cloud of smoky mist around it and trailing it when it runs. When you do grab it, it will instantly kill any enemy that it tramples and makes your life much easier. If you don’t find Death during your travels, you will also grab it at the end of the campaign.