Red Dead Redemption hunting missions guide

Hunting Tips

Bring the Bait

In this guide you’ll discover some of the best locations to find each individual animal in Red Dead Redemption. That said, these are just approximate locations and often to find your prey you’ll need to survey the surrounding area as well. While some exploration is impossible to avoid, one way to make your search easier to bring and employ bait. Each time you use a container of bait, an animal or group of animals near your location will come to investigate. There’s no guarantee you’ll attract the animal you need, but it’s still better than searching at random for hours on end.

Come Back Later

Sometimes all the waiting and searching in the world will yield you nothing. If you find yourself exploring the same areas over and over again and coming up empty handed, the best thing to do may just be to wait awhile and come back later. The passage of a few days can sometimes make a big difference.

Point in case, while writing this guide we got bogged down looking for boars. We searched the same placed over and over again to no avail. We took a break, returned to one of their stomping grounds a day or two later, and found three at once. Now, those three boars may have killed us, but that’s beside the point. Sometimes patience isn’t a virtue, waiting for something that isn’t there is the same thing as wasting your time.

Never Go Home Empty Handed

Hunting takes time, especially when you’re hunting for something in particular. As such, if you find yourself ready to give up on that one elusive animal, hunt a few of the not so elusive ones. If you’ve used bait and a pack of wolves shows up rather than the cougar you were hoping for, don’t just pass up on the wolves. That bait cost money and those wolf pelts are valuable! Generally speaking, unless they’re in sight of you, gunfire isn’t going to scare away the other animals in the area. If you see an opportunity, seize it!

Double Tap

Small animals don’t take much to kill. Shoot a raccoon and chances are it will die. Hit a bear with a pistol round on the other hand, and it will probably just keep coming. Even more common animals like deer can take more than a single shot to bring down. The point is, unless you score a headshot, shoot twice. This is especially true when using dead aim. What’s worse, wasting a bullet or having Gordo the boar knock you over like a duster-wearing domino?

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