How to summon a Red Dead Redemption 2 vampire

Of all the secrets tucked away within the game, one of the most surprising is the existence of a Red Dead Redemption 2 vampire. Yes, a fully fledged blood-sucker, lurking in the shadows and hungry for blood. This is definitely one of the more elusive hidden features Rockstar have stashed in Red Dead Redemption 2, and there's no doubt that it's one of the creepiest too. If you want to encounter this creature of the night as it stalks the streets of Saint-Denis, there are several steps you need to take before it will appear, so we've laid out all the information you need to summon the Red Dead Redemption 2 vampire. How you deal with Nosferatu afterwards is your choice.

1. Dockside Butchers

To be clear, it doesn’t actually matter in which order you find each piece of ‘Mysterious Writing’ in Saint Denis. So if you’ve already found one or two, just skip through the guide until you have them all and read how to trigger the ending.

If you’re starting fresh though, you may as well head to the Butcher’s near the docks in Saint Denis for the first piece. The rest are relatively within walking distance of each other, so it makes sense to speed it up.  

This particular wall scrawl is white and on the side of the building closest to the water. Simply approach it and hold Triangle/Y to study it in your journal. It reads…

Five bones under
the perfect star
Nosferatu with
Dominica will
become mortal again.

2. Trapper’s Alley

For this piece of the puzzle, walk up to the east side of Saint Denis where the marketplace is. Before you walk through the gate to where the Trapper has his stall, look to your right and you’ll find an inconspicuous alley.

If you look to your left after the gate to the alley you’ll see a little broken wooden box. Look above the wooden box to find the writing in red on the left wall of the alley. Study it to acquire the second piece of the puzzle. 

It reads…

I feed again
the blood of life
the circle has

3. Antique Alleyway

Now you want to head over to the west side of Saint Denis where there is a long strip of shops. Venture into the alleyway beside the antique shop and you’ll find yourself in a little courtyard open to the elements.

There’s a little prong of a building just behind the Gunsmith marker on the map. You want to find a small arched stone window there next to some scaffolding. Hop through and you’ll see the writing on the wall in red on your left. Study it to grab the third piece.

It reads…

With one long kiss
I draw the life
From her and await
The outpost of
Advancing day

4. Grated Fence Alley

If you’ve been following this guide, you won’t have to move very far to find the next piece. Head just south of your current location, further towards the docks. You’ll find a covered alleyway. Go under the stairs and watch the wall to your right. 

Once you come to the end you’ll see a chair and above that, the writing in red. You’ll know you’re there if you can see a grated green fence to your left. Study it in your journal and get ready for the final location!

It reads…

Oh sweetest of napes
May your blood
Remain forever
On my lips. Six there
Will be before the
Lust is sated

5. Soup Kitchen  

For the final piece of writing, pass the cathedral and head to the dodgy saloon in the northeastern quarter of Saint Denis. Across the road, you’ll find a red building which is the town soup kitchen.

Head to the northwest edge of the building and you’ll find the writing to the right of the white wooden door. This is easily the most legible piece of writing so it’s quite hard to miss!

It reads…

I drink from the
Maiden and I live
Again in the dead
The heart of the
Ring of blood

Summoning the Vampire

Once you’ve scribbled each piece of writing into your journal, Arthur will create a star symbol that cross-references each spot we’ve studied to reveal the final location, the St. Denis Cathedral. 

First, you have to make sure that the in-game time is between 00:00 and 01:00. Make sure you’ve bought a pocket watch from the general store and hit ‘Down’ on the D-Pad to keep checking the time. If its morning, just head to the fancy saloon and sleep until nighttime. 

The map you scribble isn’t entirely accurate, but head there anyway, and then to the road on the south side of the cathedral. Straight ahead of you will be a small alleyway between two buildings. If you can see a small ‘x’ marker that denotes a corpse on your minimap, this means you’ve triggered the encounter.

Walk into the alleyway and look to your right, and the vampire will appear after bleeding a corpse. 

Be careful, as the night stalker won’t attack you immediately. Walk towards him and choose whether you want to ‘Defuse’ or ‘Antagonise’ the conversation when the situation arises. The bloodsucker will eventually pull a knife on you, and you’re going to want to draw very quickly if you plan on killing him. All it takes is one slash and Arthur will die instantly, so arrive prepared! Good luck!

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