Red Dead Redemption 2 hog riding mod is even better than it sounds

(Image credit: Rockstar/JulioNIB)

Red Dead Redemption 2 hogs are already useful as a way to clean up evidence of your crimes, - just think how much better they'd be if they were giant and you could ride them?

As spotted by GamesRadar sister site PC Gamer, a new mod from JulioNIB makes that fantasy a reality. Succinctly titled "RDR2 Pig Rider wtf mod," it bundles in even more than its title would suggest. You can also ride around on a giant cougar, a giant wolf, or a roughly normal sized bear. 

The mod allows you to ride your non-equine companion just like you would a horse. A horse with benefits! For instance, if you decide to jump astride a friendly grizzly, you'll be able to target unsuspecting passersby and lunge at them, as demonstrated in this gif.

While they aren't quite so good at mauling riders and the horse they rode in on, pigs in Red Dead Redemption 2 are extremely good at chowing down on dead bodies. Who knows how many massacres you could cover up with the help of your giant pig pal! The possibilities may well be endless.

The Pig Rider mod is unfinished and only available to JulioNIB's Patreon backers for now. The modder typically makes their completed creations available for free, though if you want to support their efforts, you could always kick in with a monthly subscription.

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