Red Dead Online is dead and its funeral is next week, fans say

Red Dead Online Wilderness Camp
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Red Dead Online fans have declared the game dead and are thus planning an in-game funeral for next week.

As spotted by PCGN, fan account Red Dead News shared an invitation for Red Dead Online's funeral to Twitter. The invitation asks guests to dress in appropriately grim attire on Wednesday, July 13 to memorialize the online mode. 

"Who's up for it then? A funeral to celebrate one year of Red Dead Online being abandoned? Dress up in your best funeral attire, get your friends to join, tag us in pics & use the hashtags below!"

Red Dead News asks attendees to snap pictures and share them to social channels with the hashtags "RedDeadFuneral" and "SaveRedDeadOnline," the latter of which refers to a months-long campaign launched by Red Dead Online fans who see potential in the game but feel disappointed by the lack of new content.

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The date of the in-game funeral is no coincidence. July 13 marks the one-year anniversary of the Blood Money update, which was the last time the game got a significant update beyond routine patches that usually add minor bonus rewards for certain activities and some free gear.

To be absolutely clear, Rockstar hasn't said anything to suggest it's ending support for Red Dead Online. The servers are still very much online and the weekly patches are still going strong – or at least as strong as refreshed freebies can go – this is just a gesture from the community that may or may not get a response from Rockstar.

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