Red Dead Online gets three new single-player missions

Red Dead Online
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Red Dead Online has added three new missions designed for and exclusively available to solo players.

The single-player jaunts are part of a new category of telegram missions called A New Source of Employment, with the first three being designed specifically for solo cowboys. Rockstar says more new missions are on the way, but it's unclear if they'll be solo or multiplayer-focused. 

All three new solo missions sound incredibly dangerous; A One Horse Deal tasks you with stealing a guarded, untamed racehorse; Rich Pickings sends you off to the mayor of Saint Denis' house to steal his illicit collection of jewels; and Outrider has you guarding a wagon with some valuable cargo. 

In case that all doesn't sound daunting enough already, the new solo missions get more and more challenging with every replay. Of course, the higher the risk the higher the reward. Completing any of the missions gets you 5,000 Club XP, RDO$100, and a Treasure Map, and the following is available for each one:

  • Complete A One Horse Deal to get an Offer for 30% off an Arabian Horse and 2 Special Horse Revivers
  • Complete Rich Pickings to get 3 Lost Jewelry and 3 Family Heirloom Collectibles
  • Complete Outrider to get 20 Small Game Arrows and 100 Express Revolver Cartridges

Today's update also includes a bevy of familiar bonus rewards, discounts, and Prime Gaming benefits we usually see in the weekly Red Dead Online patch notes. Naturalists in particular benefit from the latest round of bonuses, with all Naturalist Free Roam Events netting double RDO$ and role XP and the Legendary Animal Sighting Mission offering 40% off any Naturalist item. Check out the full list of updates from Rockstar.

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