Realm transfers coming soon

We got in touch with Blizzard yesterday after we saw an internet article proclaiming the availability of Public Character Transfers in the immensely popular World of Warcraft massively multiplayer RPG. Players of WoW have been crying for a feature that would allow them to move their precious characters from realm to realm (server to server) since the game was released almost two years ago, but Blizzard has yet to offer that service.

There are many reasons whya playermight want to movehis or hercharacter from one server to another, but thebig oneis that people want to play with their friends. Currently, if you and your buddies are on different World of Warcraft servers,some of you are going to have to start new characters in order to adventure together - a grim proposition if you've already put time and effort into a character on a server where your friends aren't.

Our contact over at Blizzard notified us that the Public Character Transfer feature remains under development at this time, but a few details have been hammered out. Character transfers will cost $25 per character and will enable your character to move from one server to another (with a few restrictions) or even from one account to another (as long as you own both accounts). We were assured that while the service wasn't ready to go just yet, they hoped to have it up "in the near future."

June 27, 2006