Ratatouille trailer served hot

Just like the short films that are always attached to Pixar releases, the studio has usually included a trailer for their next film before each new release. And Apple has the Ratatouille trailer up now for those of us in the UK who can’t go and see Cars just yet (damn you, World Cup!)

The film, which is being co-directed by The Incredibles Brad Bird and Pixar regular Bob Peterson, features the culinary adventures of our hero, who is sick of eating trash, and makes it his life’s mission to grab the best grub he can. The only problem? He’s a rat living in Paris and his rodent kind isn’t exactly welcome in the best restaurants. Or any restaurants, for that matter.

Just what is it about trends in animated movies? First bugs, then fish and now rats? DreamWorks/Aardman’s Flushed Away arrives this autumn, with Ratatouille next summer. Still, in this one short teaser, the film already looks funnier than Cars, but judge for yourself by clicking here.

Source: ( Apple )

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