Rainn Wilson wants Girlfriend Experience

The American version of The Office, as well as surprising many with its quality and survival instinct, seems to be quite the talent garden. While Steve Carell had already established his career on The Daily Show, co-stars such as John Krasinski (seen briefly in Dreamgirls and currently shooting George Clooney’s Leatherheads) and Jenna Fischer (Slither, Blades Of Glory) are springing up alongside him.

Also in the new comedy crop is Rainn Wilson, who despite some dodgy past choices (The Last Mimzy and the awful My Super Ex-Girlfriend) is finally on his to decent jobs. He’s just finished work on Jason Reitman’s Juno and has apparently been writing a screenplay for him to direct. And Reitman’s dad, Ivan (AKA the director of Ghostbusters) is also nurturing Wilson’s career, despite nearly killing it with the aforementioned Uma Thurman stinker.

He’s producing the actor’s next film, Girlfriend Experience, which will see him play a lonely geek who tries to make himself more desirable by hiring a prostitute to pose as his girlfriend. Mark and Brian Gunn are writing the script based on an idea by Wilson himself.

Now, if he can avoid the deadly brush of typecasting (he seems to be specialising in nerds at the moment), he might just have a healthy career going.

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