Rainbow Six Siege Doktor's Curse Halloween event is live and Frost is horrifying

Like a lot of games this season, Rainbow Six Siege is officially dressed for Halloween. The Doktor's Curse event is live now and runs through November 6, giving you plenty of time to take part in the festivities. Throughout the event period, you'll be able to team up with friends as either Monsters or Exterminators for 5v5 hide-and-seek matches in a Halloween-themed version of the Theme Park map.

Visually, the re-skinned monsters are where it's at. Smoke, Kapkan, Frost, Lesion, and Ela each come dressed for the occasion, and some of them are truly unsettling. Frost in particular, with her gaping, crowded mouth of shark teeth, terrifies me (and also reminds me of Melina from Mortal Kombat).

Here's some silly lore behind the event: "Something’s not quite right with Doc. Soon after Theme Park closed, he moved in and made the castle his home, where he performs all sorts of disturbing experiments. In the end, he created something more evil than he intended. The place is now crawling with Monsters, and a band of Exterminators have been called in to reclaim it. Will they be able to return things to normal, or will the fiends live to terrorize another day?"

The objective for either team is exactly what you expect, but I'll break it down for you anyway. Exterminators are there to kill every monster, and monsters just want to survive and be left alone. Actually, monsters have a unique ability called Nightstride that speeds them up and makes them invisible for a short time, as well as their usual traps, to fight for their survival against the exterminators, who come equipped with special versions of Sledge's hammer and three unique gadgets to choose from.

The Doktor's Curse collection lets you buy event items including skins and charms for the monsters and exterminators. Simply log in during the event period and get the Doktor's Curse Collection pack, and pick up two additional collection packs by hitting a 20-score kill count and winning 13 rounds in the Doktor's Curse playlist.

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Jordan Gerblick

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