Quentin Tarantino's life and career chronicled in "unforgettable" new graphic novel

Quentin Tarantino lounges at his desk with a smoking gun in hand, surrounded by film memorabilia
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There are few bigger names in the movies than Quentin Tarantino. Now, the legendary director's eventful life is being brought to book in a new biography by writer, artist and manga teacher, Amazing Améziane.

Quentin By Tarantino is an original graphic novel, published by Titan, that explores the ups and downs of the director's career to date. Améziane takes a first person approach, putting us in the head of his subject as he works his way up from a humble video store in California, through his landmark success with Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, all the way up to his ninth and most recent feature, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

"Quentin Tarantino is arguably the last great celebrity director, a creator who's almost as recognisable as the hugely influential and iconic pop-culture moments that he's brought to movie screens over the past four decades," says Titan Comics' Duncan Baizley of the new book. "His movies are love letters to the genres, directors and stars, as well as the books and comics he grew up with. So, it seemed perfect that writer, artist and Tarantino aficionado, Amazing Améziane, should be the one to capture this singular career's stylistic shifts and evolution almost as QT himself would probably shoot it – with flair, wit and some damn unforgettable dialogue. I think Quentin would approve."

The full cover of Quentin By Tarantino. Tarantino lounges at his desk with a smoking gun.

(Image credit: Titan Comics)

Améziane's previous credits include drawing Dark Horse's bestselling biography of Muhammad Ali and Big Black: Stand at Attica! for BOOM! Studios. He is also a screenwriter.

The Movie Critic, Tarantino's tenth and seemingly final film, is set to start filming this fall, but he also plans to helm an eight episode TV series this year. Quentin By Tarantino is published by Titan Comics on October 17.

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