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Hear Quentin Tarantino talk kung-fu movies for two hours on a new podcast

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Now more than ever, we need A) Something to fill the hours, and B) The chance to get stuck into something new. Why not combine the two with 150 minutes of Quentin Tarantino talking kung-fu movies?

The latest episode of the Pure Cinema Podcast sees Tarantino talk about martial arts movies in relation to the recent wave of reviews the legendary director wrote for his theatre, the New Beverly Cinema.

While Tarantino has been unabashed about his love for genres that have seemingly been lost to time, including spaghetti Westerns and kung-fu flicks, it’s decidedly rare to get this sort of access with such an acclaimed director.

The podcast as a whole is filled with gems, from Tarantino talking about a “literal orgasmic feeling” of Five Fingers of Death, to his riotous laughter as a traditional hero vs. villains fight scene is hilariously cut short as the baddies hightail it.

Most of all, though, it’s just genuinely nice to hear someone with an obvious love for the genre shoot the shit and unspool several stories about cult classics – especially as they influenced so much of his own work, such as Kill Bill.

So, if you want to learn at the feet of Tarantino, you could do a lot worse than setting aside a couple of hours across the weekend to hear what he has to say. Who knows, you might just want your own kung-fu kick and embark on a marathon of martial arts’ finest adventures while you’ve got some free time on your hands.

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