Quentin Tarantino has been reviewing movies online without anyone realising

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We’ve got some competition. Quentin Tarantino has been posting movie reviews online, giving his opinion on a handful of films, from kung-fu cult classics to spaghetti Westerns.

Admittedly, the section on the New Beverly Cinema website (which he also owns) having a ‘Tarantino's Reviews’ section is a bit of a clue, but you’d have to be looking seriously hard to find it the first place. And that’s exactly what Redditor beyondtheframe did, uncovering over a dozen movie reviews from the legendary director, as well as some TV profiles.

While you may not have heard of some of these deep cuts, the reviews by the self-confessed cinephile make for some interesting reading. In one, he pulls no punches of Fatal Needles vs. Fatal Fists actor Wong Tao, calling him “blandly handsome”. In another, Tarantino describes the end to the Bruce Lee-starring A Man Called Tiger as “on par with the climax of DePalma’s Scarface and the Candyland shoot out in my Django Unchained.” Others range from more restrained recaps to full-on essays about certain genres.

If nothing else, it’s a treat to walk down memory lane and discover some hidden classics (and not-quite-classics) alongside Tarantino. The enthusiasm he expresses for each – whether he loves or hates a movie – is enormous, and it’s hard not to get drawn in by that passion.

Whether you want to understand Tarantino’s movies a little better, or just want to fill a couple of lunchtimes’ worth of reading, you could do a lot worse than checking out his library of movie reviews.

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