QuakeCon 2011 photo diary

Above: The LAN floor brought a tear to my eye

Above: This guy's PC is awesome - it's built inside a humongous attache case

Above: This kid was rocking it in Quake Live

Above: Hey, why not? MVC3 projected onto a brick wall

Above: Cheez-its + Global Agenda

Above: The remnants of a stereotype

Above: Someone just leftthison their unattended PC, looping

Above: The note taped on this PC says "I GIVE A FUCK"

Above: Who says gamers don't appreciate fine art?

Above: "MOM! You said you weren't going!"

Above: Yes, people were playing Minecraft

Above: WARNING: removal from the premises will induce nerdrage

Above: Amongst 2,000 PCs, here was a Wii with four GameCube controllers hooked up to it, running some unknown Pokemon game

Above: There really isn't anything I can say to make this image cooler

Aug 8, 2011