QOTW: What superhero game disappointed you the most?

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There have been a few really good, and a lot of really, reallycrappy comic-based games. Given that Comic-con is currentlyburning up San Diego, we decided to open the floor forsome superherorelated venting - dig in!

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Opusander wrote...
"'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Incomprehensible Bullshit' commonly known as 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' for the Atari 2600."

"I had a fever dream once. It was surreal, unsettling. I can't be sure that some of it didn't actually happen. I speak of it in hushed tones to those I trust. When the memory of the dream haunts me, and I stay awake at night, I need to think of something else. I need to know that an undeniable shared experience exists. Something that assures me that I'm not alone in the universe. Something as unsettling as this dream. Then I remember. Raiders of the Lost Ark for the 2600 existed. It existed."

Elbo444 wrote...
"the Toy Story game for N64, I never knew how to save so I would have to do the first level over and over again, I was like 7 at the time so all I remember is Buzz Lightyear, possibly some jumping, but it was boring so we took it back"

Brettbot wrote...
"Die Hard on the NES. Seeing Bruce Willis get his ass kicked was kinda depressing."

RabidZombies wrote...
"Top Gun for the NES. Landing was hard as hell."

Pillowfort wrote...
"Jurassic Park on the Megadrive(or genesis, I guess).

The music is some of the least inspired on that system (Although maybe I'd just been spoilt by the Chemical Plant Zone theme) and the jumping was... Less than intuitive.

It was so bad that, while I think I might have only been 4 or 5 when I can first recall playing it, even then I knew better than to give it more than a few tries."

Egregious wrote...

"Rambo. Originally it was going to be Who Framed Roger Rabbit on the NES, until it dawned on me how much damage this game has done. The graphics are horrible even by '80s standards:"

"Rambo, a Green Beret and specially trained soldier, has to LEARN to use an assault rifle with every kill getting him XP. He not only fights Vietcong, but giant animals and creepy-looking water. The music was also pretty crappy and most of all: the password system. Oh man."

ChrisAntistaSmellsLikePizza wrote...
"Peter Jackson's King Kong the Offical Game of the Movie. F' you Gameloft, I didn't like the movie and I hated the game even more. Good for achievement whoring however."

CaptainHead wrote...
"007 Tomorrow Never Dies for the PS1. I remember hearing EA had grabbed up the 007 license after Goldeneye had bum secks'd everyone's n64. EA then proceeded to excrete a vile bastardized stump of a 007 game. Never again."

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Jul 23, 2009

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