QOTW: What was the first movie game that made you hate movie games?

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We can all thank Brett Elston for a question of the week that is immensely difficult to convey concisely. So - what movie game first clued you in to the fact that movie games are generally known for being crappy? We've probably all, at some point, picked up a movie game that we had high hopes for ("Yes! A Total Recall game for the NES!"), and were horribly disappointed ("Oh..."). Which sad experience stuck with you the most?

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Number-fiend Brett Elston actually took the time to count the forum responses to last week's question and tally a score. The winner? PlayStation 2! Congratulations PS2, we still love you.

Below are a few of last week's answers that tickled our collective fancies, but since we can't feature them all here, check outlast week's articleandforum threadfor more...

zymn wrote...
"the NES. what other console can you go back to after years and years and STILL enjoy playing it? you can't do that with a PS1, cause the pixelly 3D makes you wanna barf. you can't do it with an Atari, cause it makes your eyes bleed now, and you can't do it with a dog. cause that's unnatural."

Corsair89 wrote...
"The N64 was my childhood. I owned only about a dozen games for years and was happy to play them. And I didn't even own Super Mario 64 or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Nowadays, I play about a dozen games a month and get a dozen more the next month."

elchetos wrote...
"I have to say the PS1. I missed the entire 16 bit generation, it was my first console after the NES. Not only I had a great time playing games with it, and I also learned english (I'm mexican, it helped me avoid getting the funny accent). I played the hell out of MGS and FFVIII, so that helped a lot. It is because of it that I'm writing my undergrad thesis on the useof video games as a teaching tool..."

Above: Educational!

dweller wrote...
"Sega Genesis is my all time favorite console. I played the shit out of Sonic 2 and Contra Hard Corps.

Plus I played Phantasy Star 4 many times to make that initial $100 price tag worth it. It was great anyways, but beating it in 5 days made me feel bad as a kid."

loonyman978 wrote...
"The Sega Mega Drive, because it was my first ever console which I'd got at a car boot sale for a fiver. It also introduced me to sonic the hedgehog, who I still hate today :)"

TrigunGunner wrote...
"Mine is the DS hands down. That's because lately there's been a swarm of great RPG games on the DS. My PS2 is still nice, but the last fantastic game that came out for the PS2 was Persona 4 and that was in January. I still play it a lot, but the fact that only a few games come out for it now, the PS2 is the runner up. My least favorite console is the Wii. My Wii (which my parents bought for the Wii sports they never play) is busy collecting dust waiting for Muramasa: the Demon Blade to actually come out so I will actually play the stupid thing again."

Jul 16,2009

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