QOTW: Have you beaten every game in a series? Which one?

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Alright, technically that's two questions. That aside: what series hooked you so thoroughly that you attacked every new game with the utmost vigor? If you've never completed an entire series, you've at least probably gotten close, or have plans to. Start typing!

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CountFenrir wrote...
"I now like Rush, who I saw in concert up in Washington. Also the Police, but they aren't that good in concert. On an semi-unrelated note, Foreigner, who is in RockBand via DLC, is awesome in concert."

Aforextreme wrote...
"A LOT of the DDR music is good shit, even J-pop like BREAK DOWN! and Speed Over Beethoven. Hell, the song A is where I got my username. (I added the "for Extreme" like they added to that other song, V.)

Behold, the reason I have the screen-name A for Extreme:"

ssj4raditz wrote...
"The Cab after hearing the two songs they have in Rock Band, I immediately when out and bought that album. Gotta say, Love every second of it!"

hot_heart wrote...
"The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets are pretty awesome. Kinda like a nerdy punk/grunge band. Never would've heard of them if not for the PAX pack.

And also, Priestess had that awesome song in GHIII and their album's pretty solid.

I also checked out a bit more Cream, The Doors, Blue Oyster Cult, Aerosmith, Smashing Pumpkins, Heart, Jane's Addiction and Thin Lizzy."

Harmon20 wrote...
"I'm going with Boston. After getting Rock Band, they suddenly became my favorite band. And not to mention that I am a big fan Brad Delp's voice and his range. Rest in peace, man."

elchetos wrote...
"Not a band, but a whole genre. I used to hate metal music, mostly because it was mostly what my dad listened to, and that fact alone made me dislike it. After going through Cowboys from hell and bark at the moon with the first GH, then through Hangar 18 on GH2, I realized the error of my ways... I was a closet headbanger"

skyguy343 wrote...
"Tanks to World Tour I discovered,(or should I say experienced) Jimi Hendrix. "Purple Haze, with it's raw guitar power was perfectly matched with the soothing "The Wind Cries Mary. Watchmen also played it's part with "All Along The Watchtower" but by the time all the D.L.C. came out I was hooked."

Aug 27, 2009

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