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QHD 240Hz HDR gaming monitor deal gets you the best of both worlds

QHD 240Hz HDR gaming monitor deal gets you the best of both worlds
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Hitting those ultra-high frame rates in a high resolution doesn't have to leave you as out of pocket as it once did thanks to these gaming monitor deals. Indeed, the Omen X 27 240Hz and HP X27i are $150 and $95 less respectively until Saturday.

If you're into competitive shooters such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorent (which are played at a minimum of 240Hz by the pros), then you'll understand the importance of having every frame advantage that you can when the on-screen action gets intense, most noticeably in those twitch-based do or die moments. That's what makes these gaming monitor deals so noteworthy; the HP Omen X 27 offers lets you save $150 on one of the best brands - with the best tech - in the business.

Of course, merely hitting those frame rates isn't enough to keep yourself in the game, and that's where the importance of AMD FreeSync2 HDR comes into play. You see, given that this monitor is running in Quad HD (2K/1440p) and able to achieve high FPS, the fears of screen-tearing, ghosting, stuttering, and other visual artifacts would be a problem were it not for the adaptive Vsync on display, combined with its ability to radiate HDR to its fullest degree. In plain terms, this means that your games are going to look and run fantastically, with proprietary software that's able to keep your gaming experience visually sharp and silky smooth consistently and constantly.

Given the going rate of similar 240Hz monitors in the past, such as the one we tested for our BenQ Zowie XL2546K review, and the fact that displays such as this sacrifice their image quality to keep the FPS consistent, the emphasis on HDR and the DCI-P3 90% color gamut on the Omen X 27 makes it a sure thing for anyone looking to step their game up this year for less.

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