PUBG Season 7 overhauls Vikendi with less snow, new areas, and rideable trains

PUBG Season 7 is now live on the game's test servers ahead of its official launch on Tuesday, April 21, and its headlining feature is a revamped version of the Vikendi map.

Vikendi was removed from PUBG's map rotation a few months ago following player feedback, and PUBG Corp. has made several changes to map in response to that feedback. For starters, several areas have been removed, expanded, or relocated. Dinopark is now the much larger Dinoland, the Abbey has been moved to Mount Kreznik, more cover was added to the town of Volnova, while Tovar and Movatra have been removed outright. The southern half of the island also has less snow on it in order to improve visibility, and snowbikes and snowmobiles have been replaced with standard motorcycles. 

The single biggest change to Vikendi comes in the form of a railway system which criss-crosses over the entire map. There are 12 train stations with nine engines between them, and you can ride these trains to get to other areas much faster. You can also be shot while riding trains, or get run over by trains, so be careful. This is the first true quick-travel system in PUBG, and like vehicles, it ought to create interesting points of conflict while giving players more ways to get around. 

Outside of Vikendi, PUBG Season 7 is bringing the Cold Front Survivor Pass, which has new challenges to complete and cosmetics to unlock. This season will also see community missions, seasonal missions spread across the next three months, and progression missions that give big boosts of XP. Oh, and there's also a new weapon! Kind of, anyway. The new Mosin-Nagant rifle is technically new, but it's really just a Kar98k with a new sound effect and body. 

You can read the full patch notes on the official PUBG website. 

Earlier this year, PUBG Corp. apologized for a spike in performance and network issues and promised to deliver fixes.  

Austin Wood

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