PUBG devs apologize for performance issues and assure players that fixes are coming

(Image credit: PUBG Corp.)

The developers of PUBG have penned a public apology to players for performance and network problems in recent months, and they've also explained what they're doing about it.

The developers of the game made an official post on the game's Steam forums that break the recent issues down into two main categories: performance problems caused by a variety of hardware issues, and network problems exacerbated by DDoS attacks.

While PUBG Corp has been gathering feedback and working on issues like FPS stuttering and outright freezing or crashing for a while, the developer has found that overall performance problems have actually worsened since the game's big update in January. The studio says many of these issues are related to specific hardware problems or unique situations that are difficult to duplicate, so they've been particularly tough to fix.

PUBG Corp says cleaning up performance problems is a top priority right now. If you want to help, you can head to the game's official support page and describe your issues along with your PC hardware - sending in videos showing specific glitches is also very helpful.

There isn't much individual players can do to help with the network problems. PUBG Corp. revealed that its servers have been the target of increasingly intense DDoS attacks since November, with the attacks becoming even more severe in February. These kinds of attacks cause in-game issues such as higher ping and more frequent disconnections.

The developers have worked with external infrastructure providers to bolster their defenses against attacks; while the process of testing these defenses also contributed to network problems for players in the short-term, PUBG Corp says it arrived at a system that "reduced the impact of DDoS attacks by nearly 85%," with still more improvements to come.

The third issue was the fact that the developers just weren't talking about these problems all that much, whether to explain what was going on or when they may be resolved. PUBG Corp says it will try to be "more open with details on these subjects moving forward," so hopefully that will soon be resolved as well.

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