Psychonauts 2 launch trailer offers a closer look at Raz's companions

Psychonauts 2
(Image credit: Double Fine)

Psychonauts 2 developer Double Fine just revealed the game's launch trailer ahead of its release tomorrow.

The trailer, which was shown off at the Xbox Gamescom 2021 showcase and which you can check out for yourself just below, focuses primarily on main character Raz, who is returning immediately after the events of the first game. The video also, however, offers us a closer look at several of the game's other characters.

Sasha Nein, Milla Vodella, Otto Mentallis, and Agent Forsythe all show up, alongside a handful of other Interns. Later on in the showcase, Double Fine showed off foes as well as friends - Doubt, Enablers, and the Bad Mood, along with a handful of other enemies, tried to take on Raz. The biggest threat in the trailer, however, appeared to the massive, and terrifying, Maligula.

After 16 long years, Psychonauts 2 is finally out tomorrow, August 25. If you're thinking about picking it up, you can check out our glowing Psychonauts 2 review. And if you're already wondering what the team at Double Fine will be doing next, rest easy, as Tim Schafer is already thinking about that too, suggesting that he wants the studio's next game to be "new and original and surprising."

All these years on, it's a miracle that we're getting to play Psychonauts 2 at all.

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