PSVR PS5 is in development, won't launch this year

PlayStation VR side-on
(Image credit: Sony)

A PSVR PS5 product is officially in the works, and Sony has given us our first teases of its new capabilities.

The PSVR PS5 will be built to give players "the ultimate entertainment experience with dramatic leaps in performance and interactivity," Hideaki Nishino, Sony Interactive Entertainment's senior vice president of platform planning & management wrote on the PlayStation Blog. While Sony isn't releasing any images of what the headset or controllers will look like, he went on to tease some of the ways it will build on the original PSVR.

"We’re continuing to innovate with our new VR system so that our fans can continue to enjoy the unique experiences that are synonymous with PlayStation," Nishino wrote. "We’re taking what we’ve learned since launching PS VR on PS4 to develop a next-gen VR system that enhances everything from resolution and field of view to tracking and input. It will connect to PS5 with a single cord to simplify setup and improve ease-of-use, while enabling a high-fidelity visual experience."

Nishino also confirmed that all-new VR controllers are on the way as well. On top of being purpose built to be ergonomic for virtual reality - whereas the Move controllers were originally made for PS3-era motion controls - they will also integrate some of the "future-proof technology" from DualSense controllers. That's likely referring to some of the DualSense's impressive haptic feedback tech, which would be a great fit with the greater immersion allowed by VR.

As for a PSVR PS5 release date, Sony's only saying that it won't be out this year - though SIE boss Jim Ryan did say development kits for the platform "are about to go out" in an interview with GQ UK.

"We think there are two themes that you’re going to see: us capturing the technological progress that has taken place since the present VR system came to market and a considerable amount of lessons learned," Ryan said. "Because the present system was our first one."

Hopefully whenever the next PSVR is released, it will be easier to buy a PS5 to go with it.

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