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PSP beats PS3 at PSone games

Gamers logging on to PlayStation network will find that they are offered achance to download and replay severalclassic PSone games.Of the games currently available to download and play on PSPs, WipEout, Jumping Flash and Crash Bandicoot are the three that we took a look at recently.

More good news is that the games are playable on PS3 too, so you can enjoy them on your normal TV, with all the buttons the games used to have, before you copy them to your memory stick and take them out with you. But while PS3 runs them exactly like PSone would have ,the PSP play is superior in our eyes. Here's why:

Above: Crash Bandicoot is still very playable and suits PSP well.Hard as nails made from diamonds, though

The games look better
Something about the smaller screen and bright LCD make the games look magnificent. Crash Bandicoot looks almost as good as a full-price PSP game, with solid graphics and bright colors. It's testament to Naughty Dog's programming prowess that a 12-year-old game can still look great, but Crash really does. On PS3, however, even through an HDMI connection, the game looks a little fuzzy. It's a pixel-perfect version, but the smaller screen of PSP hides the ragged edges a little.