PSA: Alan Wake 2 New Game Plus leaks are surfacing online

Alan Wake 2 review screenshot
(Image credit: Remedy)

New Game Plus details for Alan Wake 2 have seemingly leaked online, and they actually contain some pretty hefty spoilers.

A Reddit user is raising awareness that a YouTube account is uploading some intriguing new Alan Wake 2 videos. The videos apparently show a New Game Plus mode, which has been teased since the start of December, complete with a brand-new ending.

There are several videos currently on the YouTube account, all of which offer up spoilery details on Alan Wake 2's New Game Plus Mode. We won't discuss the spoilers themselves here but be warned that you will be spoiled on the new ending if you choose to head to YouTube to look for them.

What's more, the videos were actually uploaded a few weeks ago, but have remained unearthed by the wider Alan Wake community until now. It seems as though the scenes were ripped directly from the base game's files, which is why some are in an unfinished state, missing audio for example.

Remedy could be primed to announce a release date for the new mode later today at The Game Awards 2023 ceremony in Los Angeles. Alan Wake 2 is already set for a pretty big presence at the awards show, accumulating several nominations including Game of the Year, Best Game Direction, and Best Narrative.

The Game Awards 2023 start time is slated for 4:30pm PT, 7:30pm ET later today, or 12:30am GMT and 1:30 a.m. CET tomorrow for UK and European audiences, respectively.

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Hirun Cryer

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