PS5 players reportedly banned for exploiting PlayStation Plus Collection loophole

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PS5 users are seemingly getting banned for taking advantage of a PlayStation Plus Collection loophole. 

The PlayStation Plus Collection is a free game library given to PS5 owners who are also PlayStation Plus subscribers. However, a loophole has been discovered, that allows PS5 users to log into PS4 accounts on their next-gen consoles and unlock the 20-game library on their previous-gen console.

As reported by Video Games Chronicle, this loophole has apparently been exploitated since its discovery, including selling access to the library on sites like eBay, with some selling their PlayStation Plus Collection games multiple times over and bringing in a tidy sum. 

Unfortunately for these 'enterprising' salespeople, as you can probably imagine, this was not the intended use of the collection, and Sony seems to be cracking down on the issue at hand. 

It has been reported that thousands of PSN accounts are getting banned, with the consistent factor being that the users in question had been selling access to the PlayStation Plus collection. Users have reported that the ban is set to last about two months, with their PS5 consoles blocked from accessing network services entirely. 

It is currently being believed that PlayStation will automatically ban consoles that are logging into an unusually high amount of user accounts per day, so players should be cautious as they attempt to use their consoles for less shady dealings.

Regardless of the source of the bans, it definitely seems like players should definitely avoid using this particular scheme, especially if they're trying to get a fast buck off of it. 

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