PS5 has sold 8.6 million units worldwide, according to analyst

PlayStation 5
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Sony has generated $3.8 billion off of the PS5 and has sold 8.6 million consoles, a decent amount more than the Xbox Series X/S, according to a new financial report.

Both Sony and Microsoft have kept information on exactly how many next-gen consoles they've sold fairly close to their chest. Both have been successful despite massive shortages for both an ongoing issue that is not suspected to resolve anytime soon

However, a report over at Finbold claims to have an accurate picture of the market right now. The findings suggest that Sony has generated a staggering $3.8 billion on the launch of the PlayStation 5 off of an estimated 8.6 million consoles sold (via VGChartz). 

The same report also paints a picture for Xbox that shows Microsoft's console trailing by a not-insignificant margin. Finbold claims that between them, the Xbox Series X and Series S have sold around 5.12 million units with a revenue of around $2 billion.

It's important to not that that these are not hard numbers. Rather, they're are analyst estimates, but they paint the clearest picture we have seen in recent months. Until the companies share the numbers themselves, this is a best guess. It's also important to consider the context around Finbold's analysis. Due to the global pandemic, production lines were temporarily shut down and the electronics industry is dealing with a global semiconductor shortage, further complicating production. 

All of these consoles remain hard to find, with supply often selling out nearly instantly from when they are made available. The PS5 may have sold more consoles, but it is hard to find any of the Xbox consoles either. Due to that, the report could be more indicative of the sheer number of consoles both brands have been able to manufacture, rather than solely based on customer demand. 

Regardless, it's noted that the video game industry has thrived during the pandemic due to the need for at-home entertainment. Despite supply issues, both consoles are currently projected to outperform their predecessors in the console market. That's pretty good news for both companies. 

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