PS4's next update adds 2 features we've all been asking for since launch

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The beta for PS4 software update 5.50 has begun, and it's a preview of the (extremely) long-awaited features coming for all of us once testing concludes. First off: I'm sorry, but Sony still isn't going to let you change your PSN username, no matter how much it reminds you of how your tastes have changed since middle school. However, there are two changes in store that are almost in good.

Your library will be 10x more manageable

A screenshot of PS4 s new ability to hide unwanted apps and games

We've all been there - searching for one specific game that you're pretty sure you own but needing to scroll past dozens of old beta and demo apps to get there. Finally, once software update 5.50 arrives, your Library's getting some properly powerful organization tools - perhaps even more potent than the Dewey Decimal System (don't tell Conan the Librarian I said that).

First off, your Library will now automatically be divided into two tabs: 'This PS4' and one displaying your username. 'This PS4' will show only the applications that are currently installed on your system - as in, the ones that you'll actually be interested in seeing 90 percent of the time - with further subdivisions for games and apps.

Your username tab will show everything you've ever purchased for PS4 in one subdivision, and every game you've claimed via the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection in another. Side benefit: that way you can see at a glance what games you'll lose access to if your PS Plus subscription ends, which is both practical and a clever little way for Sony to say "you sure you wanna cancel that sub?"

The final coup-de-grace for messy libraries: you can finally hide apps. Just select your old beta client for the original Destiny, hit the Options button, and select 'Do Not Show Content Item in [Purchased]'. Though I don't know if I'll have the heart to get rid of it now. It's become like an old friend to me.

Make your background image whatever you want

PS4 has had support for both store themes and turning screenshots into custom backgrounds for a while now, so you were able to easily display pot-smoking grim reapers or sweet Uncharted 4 vistas as you wished. Update 5.50 will open things up even further: drop any image you like on a USB stick, plug it into your PS4, then go to Select Theme > Custom > Select Image > USB Storage Device. You can zoom and crop the image before saving it as your background, so no need to fiddle with dimensions or resolution beforehand.

You could kinda do this already by loading up the image on the PS4 browser and taking a screenshot of it. But that was super hacky, and only worked for online images, so it's nice to have an official solution built-in.

What else is in store, and when you can try it

PS4 update 5.50 will add several other features, including optional system-level PS4 Pro supersampling, Play Time Management for parent/guardian accounts to limit how long their kids spend playing, and Quick Menu shortcuts for better friends and music functionality. Unfortunately, Sony never gives a specific time frame for when updates will go public. But they rarely take more than a few months to arrive, so you shouldn't have to go too much longer with an unkempt PS4 library.