PS4 update 8.50 will remove PSN communities, and is now in beta

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PS4 software update 8.50 will be arriving relatively shortly, after just having gone into the beta testing phase.

As first reported by MP1st, PS4 software version 8.50 has begun rolling out for beta testers around the world. Apparently, the 8.50 test period is dubbed the "Spring 2021 beta" by the official email invitations from PlayStation, and it would seem that the headline feature of this update is to remove Communities on PS4 consoles, which will be riding off into the sunset once the 8.50 update launches worldwide.

Elsewhere, another feature of the 8.50 update is to turn group notifications on and off. With just a simple toggle you can pause and resume notifications from any group. Other features contained within the new update include the ability to stop other players seeing you playing a game that you've previously opted to "hide" within the PS4's systems menu.

Finally, there's a slight change to the Request to Join feature. With update 8.50, you can now use the Request to Join button to join the game of the session leader, who will then be able to invite you into the specific match or game.

Over on the PS5 side of things, the latest system update that Sony's next-gen console received was back in early February. In this last system update, the PS5 notified players when they were going to play a PS4 version of a specific game instead of the native PS5 version by accident. So for example, those who were booting up the PS4 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War would receive a notification that the PS5 version of the game was available to play instead.

If you're still trying to get your hands on Sony's flashy next-gen console, you can head over to our PS5 deals guide for more.

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