The best gifts for PlayStation gamers


It's that time of year again. The time of year where you can make jokes like 'what's Santa's favourite game? Ho-ho-Horizon Zero Dawn' and no-one should be allowed to sleigh you. While Christmas is of course a time of happiness and joy, it can also be pretty stressful as you work out what to get for the person in your family who has everything, or try and make your own list to make sure you don't just end up with a stocking full of practical things like socks. To make your life easier, we've gathered together the very best PS4 Christmas gifts to make the Sony lover in your family ultra-happy this holiday season. We've even checked it twice. Happy shopping. 

PS4 Pro 

Time to join the 4K revolution? Supporting much higher framerates and the all important HDR, the PS4 Pro is now a must-have for under any 4K TV. The PS4 Pro's enhanced GPU and slews of supported games now mean you'll get even prettier gameplay on your existing back catalogue as well as even more beautiful games to come. Yes, we're looking at you, God of War

Buy it US: $399 from Amazon US
Buy it UK:
With FIFA 18 for £299.99 from Amazon UK

Official PlayStation gaming glasses 

No! Come back! They might look a little strange but the official PlayStation gaming glasses have even surprised us with their effectiveness. Cancelling out all of that wince-inducing blue light, the amber lenses reduce eye strain and make even standard every day PC use a little less headache causing. We can't guarantee exactly how cool you'll look but at least the frames have PlayStation symbols to make you feel, err, in control. 

Buy it US: $37.99 from Amazon US
Buy it UK:
£24.99 from Amazon UK

PlayStation Coasters

The only way to be more PS One nostalgic than these coasters would be to protect your coffee table with the original black discs themselves but they're probably a little too slippery. This coaster collection includes miniaturised versions of the PS One boxes of Parappa the Rapper, Destruction Derby, Wipeout, and Gran Turismo, complete with the blurb on the back of each one.  Aww, remember when DualShock was an exciting feature? 

Buy it UK/US: From £12.99 from

Stubbins Plushies

Who knew how cute Kratos could be? Now in its third series of adorable Sony mascots, Stubbins has already got plushie Aloy, Drake, Ratchet, Clank and Nathan Drake under its belt and is only crafting more squishable heroes. Somehow even Sweet Tooth looks as cute as his name when he's all small and made out of soft fuzzy material. Plus, if you're looking for something super limited edition, try and get hold of The Hunter from Bloodborne. Currently it's going for $44.99 from Amazon US

Buy it US: From $11.95 from Amazon US
Buy it UK:
From £14.91 from Amazon UK

Razer Raiju Controller 

You might run from any controller that's not an official DualShock 4 but this official pad from Razer has been crafted specifically for esports. Wired (no lag here, thanks), the controller has four additional programmable buttons and has a surprisingly satisfying weight and feel. These extra controls include two new shoulder buttons and a set of removable triggers underneath. As a nice bonus, there's also buttons within thumb reach to let you tweak your audio and chat options without having to press the PS button and leave your game behind. 

Buy it US: $149 from Amazon US
Buy it UK:
£144.95 from Amazon UK

Crash Bandicoot Crate mugs 

What else are you meant to drink your hot wumpa fruit juice from? Let's not think about how difficult it is to drink from square edges and instead marvel at the lovely recreations of Crash's iconic crates. Available in three flavours - Nitro, TNT and bonus life - these mugs are the perfect gift for the Bandicoot lover in your life. Maybe give them a straw as well so they can avoid the edges and drink at the same time as playing. 

Buy it US: $19.99 from Amazon US
Buy it UK:
£14.99 from Amazon UK

Seagate 4TB Game Drive for PS4

Even the 1TB hard drive on the PS4 Pro just isn't enough for our hunger for more digital games. It's time to make all system storage woes vanish with this frankly insane 4TB hard drive from Seagate. Ultra slim and subtle - and in stylish PS4 blue  - this space miracle means you'll never need to delete anything ever again. You'll be downloading PS Plus games just because you can. 

Buy it US: $129.99 from Amazon US
Buy it UK:
£139.99 from Amazon UK

Razer Thresher 7.1 PS4 Wireless Gaming Headset

Even when you're plugged into your DualShock 4, it feels like wires are everywhere when all you want to do is have your gameplay pumped into your ears with no distractions. The impressive wireless Razer Thresher headset is crafted specifically for PlayStation - there's that nice blue hue again -  and comes with Dolby audio for pitch perfect sound. The retractable microphone stays out of the way when you need it to and delivers excellent sound quality when you do want to finally speak to people. Throw in 16 hours of charge and whoever you give these to won't be able to hear you from now on. 

Buy it US: $149.99 from Amazon US
Buy it UK: £149.99 from Amazon UK

Venom Snake Sneaking Suit Nendoroid Figure

Who knew that Snake could be this adorable? Fully articulated and of course, complete with cigar, this Nendoroid figure from the Good Smile Company comes with an optional hand gun, assault rifle, and three different arm prosthetics. It's not cheap for a figure but it even comes with a Fulton balloon to let you recover other Nendoroids and record the action forever on Instagram or photo service of your choosing. 

Buy it US: $64.91 from Amazon US
Buy it UK:
£59.99 from Amazon UK

The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn 

Yes, the world of Horizon Zero Dawn is deliciously vibrant and its mystery will have you investigating every Old Ruin out there - but there’s so, so much more beneath the surface. Luckily you can find it all in The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn, which is filled to the brim with concept art about each and every tribe, the ruins, and the robots themselves. Intertwined with each image is an explanation about the lore behind it and what the artists were trying to achieve, making it a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes knowledge. In other words, it’s an excuse for your second, or third, or fourth playthrough of Horizon. Go on. You know you want to.

Buy it US: $27.16 from Amazon US
Buy it UK:
£23.99 from Amazon UK

Assassin's Creed Origins Canvas Backpack 

You don't need to be exploring Ancient Egypt to need a decent bag. This Assassin's Creed Origins canvas backpack is all about practicality and thankfully doesn't scream hooded murderer if someone wants to hide in plain sight on the way to work. With brass fastenings and a slot for a PC or Mac - insert Apple of Eden joke here - this Ubi offering is a cut above the usual merchandise fodder. The only problem is the giving it as a gift part, eh?

Buy it US/UK: $59.99/£44.55 from Ubi Store  

OPM subscription for 2018

What better way to show you care than with a full 365 day gift of PlayStation? A subscription to Official PlayStation Magazine doesn't just hand over reviews of all the latest and greatest in PS4-ville, it gives you all the info and exclusive access you need to prepare for what's coming next. With a subscription, you can even get the magazine in digital form as well as print for when there's just no room in your bag and you still want the definitive word on PlayStation. Plus, you can save up to 48% on the regular monthly cost. 

Buy it UK/US: Subscribe from £27 from My Favourite Magazines