PS3 outselling both Wii and 360

Friday 18 May 2007
Sony's PlayStation 3 is the best selling console on, topping the superstore website's best sellers list. Nintendo's Wii trails behind in fifth place, Nintendo's DS handheld is at sixth and the Premium Xbox 360 pack at seventh.

Amazon are selling the PS3 at a reduced price of £389.99, 36 quid cheaper than the recommended retail price. In fact, you can get yourself a PS3, HDMI cable and a game for £420, saving you a fiver on the retail price - and the choice of game isn't awful, with MotorStorm and Resistance both on offer.

Another interesting item in the list is Crackdown - which has shot back into the chart at number nine nearly two months after it was released. It's almost as if it gives access to one of Xbox 360's most anticipated games, or something...