PS3 could lose FFXIII as an exclusive

The latest in Square Enix's epic RPG series, Final Fantasy XIII, has not yet been secured as a PS3-exclusive.

Discussing game exclusivity, Vice president of SCE Europe, Georges Fornay, told French site "The development cost of games has exploded, so it has become difficult to have exclusiveness, except over our own games."

He goes on to reveal that exclusivity for Final Fantasy XIII is "under discussion," suggesting the deal is still up for grabs. Might we see Square opt for a cross platform release? We've put forward the query and await a reply.

Exclusivity looks set to become a rarer occurrence with escalating development costs making it increasingly necessary for third-party developers to release games on multiple platforms to gain maximum possible returns on their investments.

Fornay also took the time to hype the European PS3 launch: "We will have as of launch 30 games, including Motorstorm, Resistance and Virtua Fighter 5. Moreover, we await 200 games from here to the end of 2007."

March 22, 2007