PS3 and PS Vita PlayStation Store shutting down this summer, Sony confirms

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The PlayStation Store for PS3 and PS Vita is officially shutting down this summer, confirming rumors of their shuttering which started circling in recent weeks.

Sony broke the news in an update to its PlayStation support announcements page, revealing that the last day for PlayStation Store on PS3 will be July 2, and the last day for PlayStation Store on Vita will follow on August 27. Sony says "the remaining purchase functionality for PSP" will also be disabled on July 2. This announcement was specifically made on the UK version of Sony's support site; the US version isn't displaying the update yet, so it's possible that the dates will vary by region.

Once the PlayStation Store shuts down for each respective console, you'll no longer be able to purchase new digital games through the service. You will still be able to redownload and play any games you previously purchased through your system's Download List, and that goes for free PS Plus games as well (as long as you still have an active subscription).

You'll also be able to redeem voucher codes for downloadable games or PS Plus subscriptions on PS3 and Vita, though you won't be able to redeem gift cards for PSN wallet funds - you wouldn't have much reason to anyway, since you'll only be able to buy PS4 or PS5 games on PlayStation Store at that point.

PlayStation Store launched along with PS3 in November 2006, which means by the time it shuts down this version will have run for just under 15 years. There are still a ton of great games you can only officially get via the PS3 and Vita PlayStation Store, so make sure you take one last look around before Sony turns off the lights.

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