PS3 2.0 firmware breaking PS3s?

Nov 14, 2007

It's being reported that the latest major PS3 firmware update, version 2.0, could be at the heart of a problem that's causing a number of PS3s to cease working.

A notably large number of PS3 owners have hit the official site to voice concerns of their PS3 functioning incorrectly since installing the update.

Complaints range from slowed menu navigation and slow PS Store download speeds to more critical errors such as games consistently crashing or even the PS3 completely losing the ability to read discs. Others have also complained on the official forum that their PS3 keeps turning itself on due to the new Remote Start feature in FW 2.0 (which allows you to turn on your PS3 wirelessly via the internet for Remote Play via a PSP).

It's worth noting that the timing of the errors could be completely coincidental. It's not uncommon for users who experience errors soon after an update to point the finger of blame at the new firmware.

We've checked our updated PS3s - everything's working just fine (phew). Sony was not available for comment at the time of writing but we'll keep trying.

Courtesy of CVG