Prototype cheats

Prototype cheats
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Use these Prototype cheats to unlock a new Body Surfing mode plus unlimited experience points if you're using a cheat engine on PC, plus we've got information on unlockables and some tips to help you through.

Prototype cheats

Xbox 360, PS3, PC | Submitted by Alex Mercer

Unlock Body Surfing

Select "Extras" from the Main Menu and go to "Cheats"

PC | Submitted by Bahahaha / varlog @

Unlimited Exp. Points

Just *google* some lesson/tutorial how to work with cheat-engine.

It's really that simple..

[1.] Start the game and press Escape, go to upgrades to check how many points you have(REMEMBER THE NUMBER or type it somewhere)

[2.] Alt+tab and start "Cheat engine", next select prototype's process/exe and search your points number (use the "first search" button this time)

[3.] return in the game (Alt+tab - wait for a while... probably it will take some time showing you a beautiful black screen :)), O.k. you are in game now.. GO AND KILL/DESTROY some military unit no matter it will be a soldier or a tank.. (just a suggestion: next RUN away out of their range) this will give you some points, yet again go to upgrades and check your points number and remember it, ALT+TAB and go to cheat engine again, type the new number and use the "second search" (woow... you are almost done..) you'll see several numbers in the left side of the program double click all of them and they will be added in the list below, NOW click on the number of your points(in the list below..) and change the number to.. for example: 9,999,999. (add all lines in the left list up... so all of them to be seen in the list at the bottom and change the points number to whatever number of points you want). That's it! alt+tab and return to the game, you'll see plenty of points ready to be spend for all the updates you could dream of.

Right, Right, Left, Down, Up, Up, Up, Down - Unlock Body Surf Ability

PC | Submitted by Lounge Lizard

New Game +

New Game+ - Complete the story mode to replay with all of the powers and upgrades you've already obtained.

Hard Mode - Beat the story mode on normal to unlock hard mode.

Xbox 360, PS3 | Submitted by Lounge Lizard

New Game +

New Game+ - Complete the story mode to replay with all of the powers and upgrades you've already obtained.

Prototype tips

PS3 | Submitted by elig

Power Cutscenes

to view a cutscene choose the power you want to view then go back to normal then choose it in quick select but hold up down or right (depending on the power) this does not work for disguise or turning the power off

PC | Submitted by Malex Ercer

Taking Out Helicopters

Once you are sufficiently along in the main quest, purchase the cannon ball upgrade. When in a fight involving helicopters, jump in the air and do a lunging kick. After you hit and are still in the air, do a cannonball to finish off the chopper. It's not the only way to take them down, but it certainly is cool!

PC | Submitted by Akash

Easy Getaway

You Just Need To Fall In Water And Then Change Yourself Into Disguised Mode

PC | Submitted by Alex Mercer

Helicopter Target Switching

When you first start flying the helicopter and you practice target switching, the game tells you to hold TAB and "FLICK your MOUSE" to target the next object quickly. The only way to seemingly make this work is to physically flick your mouse as though playing finger football. That's right. Hold your finger with your thumb and hit your mouse.

Xbox 360, PS3, PC | Submitted by Zero

Fly/Longer Gliding

You need air dash and glide to do this. Jump into the air and glide, then when you start descending, use air dash and press A twice to fly again. You can repeat this until you run out of air dash, which is 2 max (glide then air dash, glide again then air dash, glide again so... 3 glides and 2 dashes). You can glide for 3 times as long allowing you to cover more ground.

Xbox 360, PS3, PC | Submitted by teenagers

Platinum/Radical Events

To unlock the extremely difficult Platinum events, earn Gold in every event. There are also Radical events to unlock which are almost impossible.

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