Promos for Saw III and The Invisible online

It seems like only yesterday that the last Saw III trailer struck the Internet, but there’s a new one around already. It’s not exactly laden with fresh footage, though it does have one or two glimpses into the murderous, trickster world of Jigsaw and his apprentice.

The film arrives next month, and you can see the trailer here .

Next up is the first trailer for David Goyer’s new film, The Invisible. The story finds teenager Nick Powell (Justin Chatwin) living the perfect life - he gets on well with his parents, he has a beautiful girlfriend and a bright future ahead of him. But things go terribly wrong when he’s attacked and left for dead by a troubled girl. Now, with time ticking away before he shuffles off the mortal coil, he’s on a Ghost-alike quest to convince the people he loves that they must save him… Except without the pottery scene. And Whoopi Goldberg.

This being a film aimed at teens, the trailer has been launched – where else? – on MySpace, which means you can enjoy it on juddery, flash-o-vision by clicking here .

Source: ( Yahoo Movies ) ( )

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