Project IGI Cheats

Project IGI Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Sri Aurobindo-The BPUT Topper,sri_aurobi

    Deactivate Enemies

    It is much easier to play the game if you make some changes in the ai files.
    Go to c:\program files\eidos interactive\project IGI\pc\common\ai.Make a copy of this folder "ai"
    Then copy the civilian.qvm (ctrl+C)
    Paste it multiple times (ctrl+v)
    Delete other files 1 by 1 and
    Rename each copy of civilian (F2)
    To guard, gunner, observer, etc
    WARNING : Don't change settings, Anya, & Priboi

  • PC | Submitted by DaViD jOnEs - IGI

    Re-Supply Hint

    In the 8th level (Re-supply),
    When u get out of the truck, just run straight without stopping. U will see some big green containers placed near the wall. Get on top of one of it with the help of the wooden box kept in between.
    When u r on top, try to jump above the wall with ur mouse pointer a little up. Try it a few times and u will be able to jump above the wall and get outside.
    Ur first objective will be complete without going in the building and not even killing anyone.

  • PC | Submitted by Karo Bonas

    Various Cheats

    At the main menu type "nada" this enables cheats...Apparently?

    In the game type these codes: -
    Allgod=god mode for you and your team
    Allammo=Infinite ammo
    easy=Easy difficulty
    ewww=Kill all enemies

  • PC | Submitted by craig

    Helicopter Crash

    In boarder crossing get past the first complex and carry on down the road it should say that there is a helicopter on its way get to a safe place and when its out of range follow it it should start to descend and it will hit the ground and bounce into landing position trust me its funny