Pro Evo works on PS3 now

Thursday 26 April 2007
Konami has confirmed to us that the PS2 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is now fully functional with the latest 1.7 PS3 fimware update. It sorts out the problems players encountered with playing the PS2 game online on the PS3- ie. It didn't really work properly.

In their own words:

"Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH can confirm that the PlayStation®2 version of its Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (PES6) title is now fully compatible with PLAYSTATION®3. Users updating to PLAYSTATION®3 firmware version 1.70 (available since Friday, April 20th) can play both offline and online matches with no known issues."

Of course, what we would have rather had dropping into our inbox was something saying - 'Brand new PES for PS3: screens and info' but this will do for now...