Pro Evo 4: Online rumours unravelled

At last week's Game Stars show, the presence of an Xbox Live option in the menu of Pro Evolution Soccer 4 further fuelled rumours that the Xbox version would be playable online.

Of course, the mere presence of an Xbox Live connection in itself doesn't confirm online play, as it could refer to downloadable content or simply a friend search function (as in the recently released ). However, cautionary expectancy seems the order of the day after we spoke to those behind the game.

Konami today told us that "there will be an announcement very soon with regard to PES4 and Xbox Live". They also confirmed that this PES4 online announcement would mention PS2. Which still leaves us in the dark to exactly what online capabilities PES4 will have - but, at this stage, it would be ridiculous for Konami to announce that neither system would be online capable.

As such, Xbox is the likely favourite to provide online footie action. As for PS2, it could simply be that Konami will announce that it has no online capabilities but, again, it's a negative that seems pointless to mention. Here's hoping it's an online game of two halves for both systems. Of course, as soon as Konami make the Pro Evo 4 online announcement, we'll let you know immediately.

Pro Evolution Soccer 4 is out on PS2, Xbox and PC in October