Primeval The Movie

Primeval may be struggling in the rating (which is a real shame) but there's a chance we may get to see a big screen version.

According to Broadcast the production company behind Primeval, Impossible Pictures, "has teamed up with US film studio Warner Bros to turn Primeval into a Hollywood movie. Work will begin on the project later this year. It is not yet known if the actors from the TV series, such as comedian Ben Miller and former S Club 7 singer Hannah Spearritt, will also appear in the film version.”

If it does happen, SFX reckons it’s more likely be a whole new crew for the big screen; we can’t see Warner Bros wanting a bunch of barely-known-in-the-States actors fronting what we'd assume would a big budget action movie. They'll want Cruise, LaBoeuf, Cyrus… names like that (or Brendan Fraser if they can't get them). Also, series creators Tim Haines and Adrian Hodges hinted at London Expo last year that there was the possibility of developing projects about other teams around the around the world dealing with creatures coming out of anomalies; America was suggested as one possible setting. Was the movie bubbling away even back then?

Of course, it's early days. But time travelling dinosaurs? Surely that's a one-line pitch Hollywood suits can’t resist?