UPDATED! Primeval Star Cast In X-Men: First Class

Jason Flemyng will play Azazel, which if the film follows the comic mythology, means he’s Nightcrawler’s dad

According to Coming Soon , Flemyng made the announcement at the BFI's Movie-Con III in London. Flemyng was recently seen in Clash Of The Titans and (very briefly) in Kick-Ass (see below), which was directed by First Class ’s hemler, Matthew Vaughn. He also played Bernard Quatermass alongside David Tennant in a 2005 BBC remake of the Quatermass Experiment .

In the X-Men comics, Azazel was revealed to be Nightcrawer’s father, which begs the question – will Nightcrawler be in the movie too?

UPDATE: According to The Hollywood Reporter , Damages ’ Rose Byrne is on the verge of signing on to play Dr Moira McTaggart.