Primeval Spin-Off In Development

The show that doesn’t know the meaning of extinction could be back in a new, darker form

When the fifth series of Primeval finished airing on Watch earlier this year, the future of the show was left unclear. And while there’s still no news on the original show, suddenly we have a North American spin-off.

Canada’s sci-fi channel Space has secured a deal with Impossible Pictures for Primeval: New World . This new series will be “darker and scarier” than the original and it will have a younger, sexier cast and lots of gory special effects to go with it; as a result of this the new show will air at the later time of 9pm.

Primeval: New World will follow North American animal experts and scientists as they discover the appearances of pre-historic and futuristic creatures. Plans are that the episodes will give a deeper look into their characters and the relationships they have.

Production is set to start in the winter of 2012 and the show will be filmed mostly in Vancouver. The special effects of the show will be dealt by Impossible’s London group. Jonathan Drake, managing director of Impossible says that this is not a continuation of Primeval but rather “a bigger, better, badder re-imaging of the show”.

It’s difficult to know what to expect from an American remake but at estimates of a $1.6 million budget per episode, it should be a good-looking show.

Helen Wilson

Dave Golder
Freelance Writer

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