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Pretty up your Xbox 360 avatar with these new Super Street Fighter IV costumes

Good news for everyone eager to play dolly with their360 avatars, there’s some new fake clothes for you to buy! At least they’re Street Fighter outfits, so when your dad sighs in disgust at you playing dress-up you can tell him you’re pretending to be the totally macho demon warrior Akuma.

The available avatar costumesinclude: Dee Jay, Ryu, Guile, Rufus, C. Viper, El Fuerte, Ibuki, Dudley, Juri, Akuma, T. Hawk, Chun-Li, Guy, Cody and Abel. Each costume retails for 320 MS points, or in real money, $4.00 US dollars. So ten of these outfits will run you the same cost as a copy of the game; let me suggest you use a little restraint and only buy like, 5 of these.Of all of the available outfits, a few really stand out, like Chun-Li’s, Juri's and Fuerte's:

Above: Classic, classy, identifiable

While thosethree are pretty good, there's a few really bland or unindetifiable ones in there too; I’m a hardcore Street Fighter fan, and even I had to turn my head sideways and squint to recognize some of these costumes:

Above: So a martial artist in Timberland boots, a disco trucker and a Puerto Rican b-boy walk into a bar...

The major problem with some of these avatars is that a lot of the characters are identified by their body type or some sort of head/face accessory, not just their clothes. Note that without his face paint, and 500 pound body, T.Hawk just looks like a sketchy guy trying to sell you weed at a truck stop. Ryu’s classic gi outfit isn’t too hard to recognize, but without the headband he just looks like any dude at a dojo. Also, last time I checked Ryu wasn’t a big fan of footwear, especially not 40 pound Timberland boots. Lastly, Dee Jay isa Jamaican dude with braidsand a huge creepy grin, not a Latin guy on his way to Jazzercise.

Check out all of the official costumes right here.

July 15, 2010

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