Pre-order your PS3 now!

15 March 2007

There's a distinct possibility that the UK won't witness the kind of juvenille madness seen in queues at the US launch of PS3. And as far as we know there isn't anyone camped outside of Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street just yet. We're just a bit more reserved than our US cousins.

Still, we guarantee it's a darn sight easier to buy your PS3 here in conjuction with PC World and GamesRadar from the leisure of your front room, than risking a visit to your local game shack on launch weekend. So if you've been putting that pre-order off, like you have paying that bill or going to the doctors about the strange rash, you might as well get your credit card out NOW and bite the bullet.

Just look at the advantages:

- Free delivery.
- No deposit neccessary.
- No payment until dispatch of your order.
- Satisfaction that you'll soon be part of the exclusive PS3 owners club..

Go on, you know you want it.