Pre-E3 06: Tomb Raider Legend PSP hands-on

We're going to assume you've read the reams of praise-laden coverage we've written about the full-sized version of this game, Lara Croft's triumphant return to form. If you haven't, here are the notes: this game's mix of glamorous gunplay, brain-tickling puzzlery, and gymnastic, Indiana Jones-with-great-legs exploration is almost intoxicating. And really, all that's left to be said of the PSP version is that, remarkably, it looks to be pretty much the same game.

Really, that's it. Very little has been sacrificed in the move to PSP. Sure, there's no right analog stick on the PSP to move the in-game camera, but all you have to do is hold the square button and then use the left analog, and you can put that camera anywhere you like. All of Lara's moves are here and intact, and the plot and level designs are pleasingly familiar.

We may even get a little more. There are some Wi-Fi modes in the works, such as treasure hunts and races through a given level. We'll see what form that treasure takes soon enough; Tomb Raider: Legend is scheduled to ship later this very month, May 2006.

May 9, 2006