Pre-E3 06: Nintendo press conference report

Fire Emblem
While no gameplay of this was shown at all, the cinematic sequence showed anime-style characters that looked just like the ones in the GameCube edition of the series.

SD Gundam G Breaker
Namco Bandai is prepping a cute anime action game based on the TV show for Wii. The video showed the SD Gundam fighting enemies.

This horror game in the classic Resident Evil vein showed a young man fighting against mysterious creatures.

Excite Truck
This offroad racing game (below) features terrain that actually deforms under your tires. Though the game features extremely mediocre graphics that are nothing better than the GameCube can do, it looks action-packed - trucks slamming into each other and getting rewarded for it. To play this game you'll hold the Wii controller sideways, so you can use it as a steering wheel.

This game appears to allow you to carry objects around with some sort of electrical energy. As with many games, there were no real details.

Super Swing Golf Pangya
A colorful anime-style golf game. Already out for PC, it's an online game that allows you to play golf with players from around the world.

Hyper Sonic
A brand new 3D Sonic adventure, complete with high speed chases through colorful levels and all that you'd expect. This game is only for the Wii, however, no real Wii-specific features were obvious from the demo movie shown.

Project H.A.M.M.E.R.
We can't wait to find out what that stands for. The game seems to be taking it literally - you play as a huge warrior smacking aside great swaths of enemies using a massive hammer. A little more brutal than your average Nintendo fare.

Final Furlong Revolution
Horse racing. On Wii. Next...

One Piece Unlimited Adventure
The popular Saturday morning anime series comes to the Wii in the form of a 3D adventure game. It stars the series' main character Luffy. Graphically, this was a little more impressive than many of the GameCube-tastic Wii games on display, with lively anime-influenced visuals.

After this presentation ended, Nintendo revealed that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will be released alongside the Wii on launch day (though they didn't say when that would be, just yet.) We have a deeper look at the gamehere, which runs down all of the features of the Wii version.

May 9, 2006