Power Stone Collection

A somewhat overlooked Dreamcast game, Power Stone had all but faded into the depths of our video game clogged cerebrums. That was until Capcom, in their continuing love affair with classic game collections, announced that it would be resurrecting both Power Stone and Power Stone 2 for the PSP as the Power Stone Collection.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Power Stone is a quirky 3D fighter that features a multitude of weapons and interactive arenas. The controls are fairly simple - one button attacks and performs combos with repeated presses, while the others are used to jump, use weapons and hurl random objects at your opponents. The arsenal ranges from swords and giant mallets to skateboards and tanks to the truly bizarre, such as a megaphone that blasts your opponents with a wall of noise. Of course, the real key to victory is in the name - collect three Power Stones to transform into an unstoppable super fighter capable of executing devastating special attacks.

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer