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Possible Darkstalkers sequel, SF Alpha remakes further teased by Capcom

Remember last year when Capcom's Yoshinori Ono said he'd love to create a new entry in the Darkstalkers series? Turns out he's still working on it, but still doesn't have anything official to announce. Ono's speech during a Comic-Con panel suggested he's attempting to convince Capcom Japan that the franchise still has legs and deserves another shot in the spotlight, but so far the head honchos aren't biting.

Above: Last year, Ono asked Darkstalkersfans to hold up $5 bills so he could show the photo to his bosses

Above: This year, Ono took another photo and displayed this "Darkstalkers are Not Dead" image

Above: In the meantime, enjoy the excellent Darkstalkers cartoon

Maybe this new photo, along with continued outcry, will make Darkstalkers a reality? I'm all for it, as it's such a visually interesting, totally distinct fighting experience yet contains the guts of classic Street Fighter goodness. However... the cancellation ofMega Man Legends 3, which leaned on the community for support and development, probably leaves more than a few potential Darkstalkers helpersfeeling sour.

Additionally, after a new trailer for Third Strike Online, Capcom asked the crowd if they'd be interested in HD remakes of the Street Fighter Alpha series. Naturally a room full of Capcom fans screamed "well duh," with Ono saying he'd try to make that happen as well. Personally, I'd say sit on that one for a while - we've got plenty of other fighters on the shelf and on the way. Let 'em breathe!

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