Portrait of Ruin interview

GR: Yamane-san, are you working on any music for Portrait of Ruin?

Michiru Yamane: I had been working with the legendary composer Yuzo Koshiro. I worked on 30 [songs] but Mr. Koshiro has contributed five.

GR:So you did most of the soundtrack?


GR: So that's the first time for you to do the bulk of the soundtrack on a portable Castlevania?

MY: You're right. That's the longest soundtrack that I've ever worked on for the portable ones.

GR: Are you satisfied with the sound capabilities of the DS, as compared to the PSone and PS2, which you've used for the recent Castlevania soundtracks?

MY: True, it's handheld and there are some restrictions to the music creation. But then again, Portrait of Ruin has many variety of stages, which gave me more freedom in music composition so this is good.

MY: You worked on Castlevania: Bloodlines (Sega Genesis). This is a return to some of the same characters from Bloodlines, so I was wondering how you feel about it?

MY: You're right. I was working on Bloodlines, true. Portrait of Ruin is set after the events of Bloodlines. It was kind of funny because one time the game team members came up to me and asked me for one of the songs I worked on in Bloodlines [originally] they wanted to have arranged [in a new version]. It's sort of weird that I was arranging my old song, but yes, it was quite interesting.