Portrait of Ruin interview

GR: Yesterday we spoke with Suda 51, who made Killer 7 for Capcom. He thinks that logically the PSP was unpopular in Japan, and the DS is popular, so logically you can see exactly the same situation with PS3 and Wii. Do you see the same situation?

KI: I have a different logic there. PS2 obviously gained a not of non-gamers because they wanted to see DVDs. DS, everybody who has an interest in games has got a DS. It has cool features so a lot of them were purchased.

But my understanding with the console games, well what I mentioned [about] the Castlevania game system is that you want to play them for more than an hour. You want to sit down and switch your mind to the game. DS you can play anywhere.

So my thinking, now, PS2, those casual gamers who bought it because they wanted DVD have moved onto DS because they wanted to play easy-to-pick-up games. My thinking is that hardcore gamers will stick to the consoles, not the handhelds. So I'm seeing a market share where the hardcore games stick with the consoles and casual gamers stick with the handhelds.

GR: So you think the Castlevania fans will pick up the PS3?

KI: I'm not going to be narrowing it down to PS3. PS3, Wii or 360... which one will survive as a hardcore game system? The DS will still remain as the casual gamer's.

So when I say next generation Castlevania, it's because I want to provide hardcore gamers with Castlevania games.

GR: I was wondering if you had a chance to play God of War to see what an American style of 3D adventure is like, and what you thought about it?

KI: Yeah. I played it. It's really a good game - it's like the ultimate format of 3D gaming, and at the same time I feel so jealous of God of War because they've done such a great work.

GR: So will you be inspired by it, to work on the next 3D Castlevania?

KI: We'll go over it.