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Portal 2 walkthrough and video guide

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Chapter 9: The Part Where He Kills You

Surprise in Test Chamber 17

As Wheatley confronts you with his spikes, fire a portal through the broken wall behind him. After a moment, white gel will begin dripping onto another surface. Fire a portal beneath the drips, and a glob will fly out of your other portal and land on your platform, giving you a chance to escape. Run!

When you reach the end of a broken catwalk, look up - there are two surfaces on the wall. Fire a portal onto the further, higher surface, then jump off the end of the catwalk and fire your other portal beneath you.

Run For It

Portal through Wheatley's "trap" and continue running. When you reach a row of functional turrets, use the Excursion Funnel to pick them up and send them levitating through the windows they're facing. Jump into the funnel, and ride it to the next catwalk (try to avoid being crushed).

When your path is destroyed by a falling pipe, use the Propulsion Gel it left behind to jump over the gap. Your path will end at the receiving end of a turret brigade. Look up - you can fire a portal through a broken window and into another room. Use the dripping Propulsion Gel in the room to destroy the turrets, then portal across the room to the Faith Plate and use it to jump to the next catwalk.

Death Trap

When you arrive in the first room, use the hole in the cracked window to shoot a portal beneath the bomb-dropping tube. Fire another portal high on the wall in front of you, and a bomb will fly through, breaking the pipe and releasing the gel. Escape the room by placing a portal on the floor.

When you reach the conveyor belt, Wheatley will attempt to kill you. Jump off of the belt and walk up the stairs - from there, another bomb pipe can be used to break a Propulsion Gel tube on the far side of the room. Once it's leaking, place a portal at the end of the conveyor belt to cover it with gel - now you can run against the direction of the belt, and jump through your portal to escape.

In the next room, you'll need to use more Propulsion Gel to accelerate down the long hallway and through a portal placed beneath the Excursion Funnel.

The Final Battle

When the fight begins, stand in front of the tube of white moon goo. One of Wheatley's bombs will hit it, spraying it everywhere. To damage Wheatley, redirect his bombs into him through portals placed either beneath him, or on the platforms surrounding him - observe the formation of his bomb-proof shields to know which direction to attack from.

When you score a hit, GLaDOS will provide you a corrupted core. The first core will appear above the catwalk - just portal up to the structure and run over to it to grab it. The catwalk will break, and tube will spray out Repulsion Gel. Bounce up to the flashing red light on Wheatley to install the core - when you're close enough, it'll latch on automatically.

The second core will appear over the section of the catwalk which broke away. Run down the catwalk, jump off of it, and use the Repulsion Gel to bounce over to the other side, where you can grab the core as it swings by. Attach it to Wheatley the same way you attached the first core.

The third core is trickier - it crashes through the ceiling next to the Propulsion Gel tube. Fire a portal into the ground below it, then run down the strip of Propulsion Gel and through the wall to launch yourself up to it. Once you have the core, use another patch of Repulsion Gel to bounce up to the connector. Now all you need to do is press the button...

Apr 19, 2011

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer